The Benefit Of Working Exclusively With Us

1. Your Search Assignment Will Be Top Priority

Exclusivity and retainer fee (if needed) search arrangements demonstrate clients are equally vested with the search professional in a successful recruitment effort.

2. We Will Conduct A More Detailed Search

Your company’s profile, culture, and successes are more formally presented with each recruit call giving people desired insight into who we are representing. The result is always a higher level of interest among far more candidates with each search we undertake. Additionally, your company benefits from the widespread PR that results from our exclusive representation and you can be provided detailed information about the search as it’s being conducted.

3. Your Search Is Elevated In The Candidates’ Eyes

A significant increase in response rate occurs when we reach out to our network with the announcement that the search is retained or is exclusive.

4. Single Firm Accountability Saves Time And Gets Better Results

You don’t have repeat details of the position, answer similar questions, nor field calls from multiple recruiters. Most important, candidates tell us one of their top reasons for not returning phone calls about an open position is the number of recruiters working on it. To the people inundated with multiple calls on the same job it shows a lack of professionalism and apparent desperation.

5.  A More Professional Approach

Remember that the recruiter(s) you hire is perceived by others as a reflection of your company. In today’s world where more recruiters are utilized than ever before, we remain the most trusted search firm in your industry. Most other recruiters suffer a high attrition rate, are ill-trained, resort to job postings and resume retrieval services for candidate generation, and often lack any professionalism. And the people who hear about your open position will often equate the level of professionalism of the search firm you use to the quality of the position you are looking to fill and your company’s culture.

6. The Best Candidate Is Hired

Our search will yield every potentially viable candidate available and qualified when we are utilized exclusively. So instead of being presented with the first available and interested candidate we recruit you will be presented with the best of the group.

7. Your Candidates Are Never Presented With Multiple Opportunities

Did you ever find that the person you wanted to hire had multiple job offers? Did you ever stop to think that it was the recruiter you were using that sent that same candidate to other companies as well as your own? We never present candidates for your search and put you in competition with other companies while we are conducting our exclusive search for you.